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b●onds in the central ●budget at th◆e end of


bill〓ion yuan. Na

2009 w○as 6.023768 trillion■ yuan, which was u

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xpenditures exc●e

n●der budget●ed ceiling● of 6.270835 tri◆lli

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udget sta?/h3>

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Th○is discrepanc●y was mainly due t○o less spen◆ding on disaster ■relief than e●stimated at◆ the beginni〓ng of the year, r◆esulting in a● decrease in tr〓ansfer paymen◆ts. This total● consisted of 494.2?/p>

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24.1%. 〓Th

ey consisted ●o

?7 billion yuan of〓 tax rebates, a〓n increase■ of 48.2%, with t○he increases c〓oming mainly fro○m implementation of ●the reform ○of taxes and

7984 t■ri
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fees■ on refined oil〓 products (accor■ding to regulations◆, the central ■g

llion yu
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overnment is requir●ed to rebate incre●ases in sales tax o◆n refined oil pr○

f 14.5%,

x rebates?/h4>

cted ●by local go◆vernments, amo●unting to 53

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